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Everybody deserves some “me time"

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About Us

We operate out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Our team is made up of friends and family from a local ministry based out of Bixby, OK. We believe in Jesus Christ and His mission of filling the world with acts of pure love. Our passion is to 're-present' Him on earth in all we do...

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Our Services

What Can A Concierge Service Do For You? Everything!
Time Again is a lifestyle management LLC. With all the errands and daily chores that life demands, it’s easy to run out of time in a day. We offer a full range of personal, corporate, household, and property services to take care of your growing ‘to do’ lists. Some of our most popular services include, but are not limited to:

Food Delivery Services

Need food delivered for a party/night at home? we can pick it up for you, and bring it to your door!

Pet Care Services

We understand pets are family too! Going away on vacation? Working long hours? We can love on the furry ones you love!

Grocery Shopping

Give us your grocery list and prefered method of payment and we can drop you food off for you

Corporate Services

Too much to do alone but not enough to hire a part time employee? Hire us hourly to get the job done well

Cleaning Services

We are availible to clean your house, business, etc.

Home Care Services

Need to leave on a business trip? Vacation? we can watch your house while you’re away!

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